Ready or not, here comes the 2015 JLPT!

Last minute studying for the 2015 JLPTThe first 2015 JLPT. Hmm… It’s happening on July 5th, which is coming up very soon (I need more time!). I’ve been struggling with sinusitis and a cold while trying to work and study at the same time. It hasn’t been so easy. However, I wanted to share my thoughts and study tips for those that are interested in the process.

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Limited Edition Super Mario Gum

Limited Edition Super Mario Gum

Time for something fun. I knew as soon as I saw the news about limited edition Super Mario Bros. gum, I just had to buy it. I showed the announcement to a friend of mine and he said that the gum was sold out at his nearby convenience store. I thought I would test my luck and go to one near me. I was in luck! Both the Mario and Luigi gum were in stock.  Which one tasted the best?

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Creative Outlet, go!

My name is Bryan and I’m an American guy that somehow stumbled out of my introverted man-cave and into the country of Japan. I love keeping up to date with the latest technology and gaming news.

I decided to start Kuro Pixel as a way to share my opinions on current affairs in the technology and gaming fields. I’ll also post advice/tips from time to time.

Does this look delicious or what?

“What if?” questions are so much fun to think about, especially considering how fast the world changes these days. I love gaming, technology, and nostalgia. These things all come together for me, so I hope Kuro Pixel will be a unique place to write about the random things I obsess over.

By the way, you’re probably wondering why there is a delicious, juicy cheeseburger in this post. I could probably think of a really wise metaphor and explain that the burger represents my life or the structure of my posts, but the truth is I’m really hungry as I write this and I haven’t had dinner yet.

You’re welcome.