The road to getting a Nintendo Switch

Pixel Art by Reddit user "ApostonReddit"I didn’t plan on getting a Nintendo Switch, but I’m not always right at predicting the future either. It all started when I brought out the old Gamecube and started playing Mario Kart Double Dash. While that game is fun, there’s nothing quite like the online races from Mario Kart 8 which I played on a borrowed Wii U from my nephew. And then I discovered Twitch…

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Legends of Localization Book 1 (Zelda) Review

legends of localization book 1 zeldaI recently came into possession of the first Legends of Localization book. What is it, you might ask? It’s a combination of all the things I’m passionate about rolled into ONE. The history of video games, retro games, The Legend of Zelda, game localization, and the Japanese language. I could never have imagined that one day a book that had all of these qualities would exist. Well, it’s finally here and I wanted to take some time to talk about it.

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Pepsi White Cola Japan Exclusive Drink

pepsi white cola pickupHave you seen the new Pepsi White Cola? It’s a new drink exclusive to Japan and I think it’s pretty neat. I finally caved and bought a bottle the other day at the grocery store.

You know, I always wondered why Japan got all these exclusive wacky flavors of stuff. When it comes to soda, you would think that companies would experiment in the USA because there are way more consumers of cola drinks than in Japan. That’s not the case!

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Famitsu Japanese Game Magazine Nov. 1991

famitsu mandarakeI was in Osaka the other day and found a collection of old magazines. I happened to find a massive collection of old issues of Famitsu. I bought a few issues and wanted to share my pickups. This is a weekly issue from November in 1991! This issue of Famitsu is pretty old, which means we’re likely to find some old gaming treasures inside. I’m basically time traveling by flipping through this magazine. At this point, you can probably call this a retro game magazine. I flipped through it and took some photos of some of the things I thought would be interesting to share. Let’s take a look!

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Special Edition Dragon Ball Gum

Special Edition Dragon Ball gum!
Look at this Dragon Ball gum! The company “Fit’s” is on a roll. After producing the really awesome Super Mario Bros. gum, the next special edition product is for Dragon Ball Kai. (Dragon Ball Kai is a recut of the original Dragon Ball Z anime with less filler scenes and newly recorded audio) And come on, who couldn’t resist Dragon Ball gum that has “Kamehameha” on it?

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Pickup: A Retro Mega Man Toy Surprise

Retro Mega Man Box Toys!I had gone out of my way to travel to Osaka’s DenDen Town to make a visit to Super Potato, one of the best retro game shops in Japan, only to discover that the store had relocated somewhere else. I didn’t have time to go to the new location, but I didn’t want to leave empty handed, so I spotted a smaller retro video game store and went inside.
I wanted to pick up a little something to take home and that’s when I discovered a small box with 8 bit Mega Man (Rockman in Japan)  on it. Looking closer, it said “Mega Man Rubber Mascot Collection”.  How could I pass up the opportunity? Find out which Mega Man toy was inside the box!

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Limited Edition Super Mario Gum

Limited Edition Super Mario Gum

Time for something fun. I knew as soon as I saw the news about limited edition Super Mario Bros. gum, I just had to buy it. I showed the announcement to a friend of mine and he said that the gum was sold out at his nearby convenience store. I thought I would test my luck and go to one near me. I was in luck! Both the Mario and Luigi gum were in stock.  Which one tasted the best?

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