About KuroPixel

What is KuroPixel?

KuroPixel is about Japanese, Japan, Video Games, technology, and movies. I love talking about all these things and I hope to be able to discuss them with others. The word “kuro” means black in Japanese. A pixel is a tiny digital square on a screen. I thought it would be a cool sounding name that reflected what this site is about.

Hello there! I’m Bryan Kuro and I currently live and work in Japan. I enjoy buying tons of books but never make enough time to read them all.

I’ve passed N1 of the JLPT and have made it my goal to share my experience with others for those that are interested in taking the test.

If you have a question about something, please DO NOT HESITATE to contact me. I love connecting with others and talking about similar interests.

Follow your passion!

My first passion would have to be technology. It’s in all our lives and it’s a life long journey to master and understand everything around us. In other words, I’m a technologist that constantly reads tech sites for new insight. Nothing gets me more excited than tech talks.

Next is video games and I don’t mean just playing them. I’m talking about a full-blown appreciation for the art itself. I love games and I love even more the stories of the people behind those games. My god, the history of the video game industry is simply amazing!

Last is my passion for Japan, Japanese language, culture, and people. Through Japanese video games and animation, I became familiar with Japan and Japanese culture. From there, I wanted to go deeper (inception style) and learn more. Now I enjoy both learning about various Japanese things as well as sharing my geeky world view with Japanese people too. People are awesome in all countries, so let’s share the cool stuff!